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The franchise for self-serve ice cream Ke-Gusto

A business idea that comes from the United States, and that is the desire to be realized in advance of a market to discover: a yogurt self service. In practice this is a place with lots of yogurt on tap machines and then just as many rich containers of ingredients to “customize” the yogurt (muesli, candies, smartie’s, puffed rice etc …). Just pay the cashier to receive their glass (small, medium, big) and then the local tour to get the yogurt more gradito.In added Gelateria or alternatively insert into your ice cream.

In fact, the business of the yogurt is going very well: it is good, fast and cheap. But let’s find out more. The yogurt self service The procedure for those who want to start a business of this type, or insert it in your local corner is the same that you follow for ice cream parlors and pastry shops ( but in this case required equipment specifications for administration are similar to those that use the McDonald’s for some products) with no special licenses or permits as well as save on operating costs.