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Ice cream franchise, how to open an ice cream shop


Ice cream franchise, how to open an ice cream shop

How many activities open an ice cream requires a good initial study of the project. Here are some questions you should think about how to open an ice cream shop:

To rely for training?
the amount of capital to be invested?
how many employees will be needed?
the location and the local. Where and how much?
observation and evaluation of the competition, who’s around me?
production, raw materials and suppliers, where and how much?

We see the points listed above step by step and see as to what items franchising can provide support on how to open an ice cream shop.

Training: to be updated on new techniques of production and new equipment, know how to sell ice cream and know how to manage the ice cream shop also implementing a marketing strategy to penetrate the market. There are schools that offer this service, which has a cost to be assessed. II franchise of ice cream parlors offer included in the affiliate package and updates the initial training.

Preparation of the business plan and determining the initial investment. For what you could rely to an accountant who will ask an extra fee for this service, but the accountant will give generic advice and not on the field of your choice. The franching offers a service tailored to that effect.

The location in which to open an ice cream shop is more than essential. geomarketing studies are recommended, otherwise you could rely on your nose, but you have to be careful, you might regret the choice.

Recommended are high traffic pedestrian streets, shopping streets, strong routes through residential areas also peripheral and shopping malls.

Raw materials, consumables and equipment, all items that are rejoined to the quality of the final product and the savings in the production process costs with consequential reversal on profit margins.
Find a franchise that does a good ice cream and there follows the stages of production may be the trump card for your ice cream.

Even affiliating to a franchise you should always be followed by an accountant, especially in the start-up phase.