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Ice cream franchise: how it works?

How to open an ice cream shop franchise

The ice cream is definitely a favorite food by Italians, like everyone, without distinction of age, sex, culture. In time he has assumed increasing importance in our eating habits, so as not to be considered today only a little something, a whim for the palate, but instead a genuine replacement of other types of food. And about ten kilograms per capita annual consumption is unequivocal evidence.

Thus, it can be a good idea for those who want to start their own business.
You can choose to open an ice cream shop from scratch, and then it will have to take care of all aspects, or consider one of the many proposals of franchised ice cream parlors that exist on the market. This second type of solution has the characteristics and features of the advantages which can often facilitate both the start-up phase that the next one of real management. We see the main aspects:

ITER PRE OPENING: When you open a business, there are bureaucratic, fiscal and administrative aspects to cure. Typically the franchisor, ie the company that manages all the franchising business, has the facilities established to advise and help the various obligations.

LOCAL DESIGN: The design of the store is studied in various aspects, which should take into account the shape and size of the room, the working requirements, visibility and usability by customers. Beyond the individual customizations, everything follows materials, lines and colors that identify the brand No detail is left to chance.

INTERIOR INSTALLATION: Once the design phase, is treated the next phase of installation of the equipment and machines and putting them into operation.

EDUCATION: Provides training that can range from how to relate with the customer to the arrangement and presentation of ice cream. This is a very important and significant added value aspect, because it is these aspects that can make a difference.

AFTER OPENING: In addition to the start-up phase, assistance continues even in the later stages. It can be either formative, both on machines and plants, both of product, with the supply of ice cream and raw material for the preparation, for those types of franchisors that require it.

MARKETING: Also, be affiliated to a brand allows for the indirect returns, thanks to commercial and promotional actions that are done both nationally and locally (usually only during the launch).

INITIAL INVESTMENT: This is all very nice, but … how much will it cost? There really are different possibilities and for every budget, to be assessed as a function of many factors. There are solutions that have a more limited cost as they also provide for the supply of ice cream and therefore do not require special facilities, or others that provide a semi-finished product that requires only small final transformations. Others are concerned with treating all aspects of design, installation and implementation, including the machines for making ice cream, the production of which will be borne by the insured.

For those who want more information and details about the different possibilities to open an ice cream shop franchise, can be found here: Request for franchise information Ke-Taste