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Ice cream DIY

Ke-Gusto is the ice cream DIY for you !!!

The ice cream DIY – choose the cup or cone of ice cream to fill it to the taste you prefer, decorate it with tasty grains, add waffles, icings, cereals, cookies, chocolate bars, mixed fruits a last splash of Nutella or juice of black cherry and maybe end up with a few pieces of fresh strawberry and dark chocolate flakes your ice cream DIY. In the end it just has to admire his creation and pay for her weight.

The craze of ice cream DIY is depopulated throughout Italy and abroad, and we must admit it’s really fun to create your own ice cream DIY leaving indulge their imagination. We at Ke-Taste propose always different seals, tastes that change depending on the day, with a lot of clients’ satisfaction will make a Selfies.

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