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How to make a business plan

Aprire un franchising

Who wants to start a sales activities must first assess that its activity is slightly inflated in the square / catchment area where you want to insert in this case the market is all new !!
The location must at least gravitating on a catchment area of 10,000 inhabitants, on high streets walking mostly plants.

The target to which we turn and global, meaning that want to serve diverse customers (families, young, old etc …) in the broader effects our target is more we have possibility to make greater
turnover then serve a greater number of potential customers.

open a store

Once you identified the place, which has as essential parameters the visibility, road conditions to be reached with ease, parking, if we are not central or commercial contexts areas where the customer is usually attracted to a range of services, we are ready to start .

Recall also that the size of the store are critical to the initiation of this activity that requires a minimum of 30 mq.per be able to present the goods in an optimal way and consequently the strategic choices of assortment and service.

Let’s talk about business ideas and vision

It’s fine to say that a good idea always works for many reasons, because we believe in, why not start with the need to make a good profit because this will
surely the result of a labor of love and management, Just for that ke taste pager seriously motivated and enterprising.

I say this because a good idea becomes concrete when we structure it and communicate clearly to the customer so that the same perceives as tale.sempre high tension for achieving results and excellence never let our guard down compared competition.

elemti essential for success are:

– Affordable
– Reassuring communication product
– Launch of innovations to keep alive the attention of the customer
– Ample times in terms of usability
– The product always fresh made at the time with well-defined parameters of presentation. ke taste prepares your staff in order to meet its quality standards perceived.

In our sales and important points the greeting to the customer over the courtesy so always insist on service through training and by using our presence and our ability as a constant reminder to spread and share the goals with the people with whom we work closely.

Income statement:

What is an income statement? It is the absolute way to verify at an early stage and later during construction to make a hypothesis of self-interest and consider whether there are grounds to pay the expenses and
securing a gain.

Ke taste will share at an early stage all possible tests to evaluate an investment return potential.

We see the following items:

Rent of the shop or mortgage etc..costo work in the case of energy consumption staff, Telephone, Depreciation (funding for material acquisition or restructuring) maintenance and possible restructuring future.pubblicità flyers, posters and more.

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