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Ke-Gusto offers you over 100 high quality products at low prices. Assortment and taste guaranteed distinguish the brand Ke-Gusto.


The artisan ice cream self-service Ke-Gusto is constituted by a set of ingredients that are liquid parts (milk, cream, yoghurt, for example) and the solids (sugars, solid lean and other substances) balanced so as to obtain a mixture homogeneous able to "become" ice cream with the process known as "freezing":

Process in which the mixture is frozen quickly inside the cylinders of our macchine.Durante the freezing one has the incorporation of air which gives the mixture the consistency and morbidity feature of the Ke-Gusto ice cream.

The production of ice cream machines cafeteria-soft have refrigerated containers for mixtures, usually higher, which feed the freezing cylinders. Lowering the lever, the machine produces and dispenses soft ice cream and at the same time a new quantity of mixture passes from the tanks to the cylinders, to be transformed into ice-cream.

Over 100 self-made ice-cream products of very high quality service distinguish our assortment and always in line with the market such as to make them competitive and affordable in all respects, grains-for-ice-cream, grains-per-yogurt, pastries-for ice cream topping.

Our homemade ice cream products self-service or Do-it-yourself are certified in compliance with the current laws regarding the safety of food through a sanitary hygienic control, traceability and monitoring compliance with the requirements in terms of indication of the ingredients .

All our ice cream flavors are gluten-free, no coloring, no GMOs and fructose or sweetened with Stevia.

Our products

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