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Artisan Ice Cream and Yogurt Self Service

Our Franchise

The franchise Ke-Gusto is based on common interests and responsibilities of all partners involved. The meticulous attention to quality has enabled us to be the leaders in the industry.

The Ke-Gusto format allows quick access to a balanced budget with a fast return on capital invested depending on the location chosen.
Our affiliates are the main architects of our success. For this we rely on competent and responsible for the management of retail outlets.
In the realization of a store Ke-Gusto we follow our affiliates in all types of construction.

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The construction "chiavi in mano" involves the design of the store, the choice of the shared location, construction deglie furniture (optional plant and masonry otherwise provide only allowed design / licenses and authorizations), the preparation of the workshop the red tape management, communication and anything else needed for the opening of the store.


Store design


Shared the furniture choice


Paperwork management


Store opening

Open a Ke-Gusto shop

If you want to open a Ke-Gusto in your city or you want information on products, equipment or other contact ...

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Ke-Gusto tips and news

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